Welcome to the Insight Consulting Personal Brand Accelerator!

Please watch this video so that you can start your training successfully:
(Video length: 9 minutes)

1. Access the members’ area: We will send you an email where you can sign up to access the members’ area shortly before your onboarding.

2. Slack Community: We will send you an invitation to join, also shortly before our onboarding call. Once you join, make sure to properly set up your Slack profile with a picture, your position and your company name.

3. Introduction in the Slack Group (after you have been added): Introduce yourself with a brief message in our Slack channel: #introductions. Tell us about yourself, your company, what you are currently working on and get to know other members in the program.

4. Dates for the Live Calls: With the help of our calendar invites, add the dates for the Live Calls to your calendar. You will receive them with your Personal Brand Accelerator and Slack login emails before the onboarding call.

5. Link to the Live Calls: Also, you can always find the next and past Live Call in the members’ area and in our #live-calls Slack channel. You will find the links for the Live Calls in the membership area as shown in the video.

6. Your Onboarding Call: We already scheduled an appointment with you for the onboarding call. The goal of this appointment is to give you a personal introduction into the program and answer any open questions you might have.